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Our philosophy

What drives us

Framework X is so much more than yet another framework. Here's what drives us and how we make decisions for the framework.

  • make easy things easy & hard things possible

    Making easy things easy is one of our leading mottos. If making the hard thing possible involves making the easy thing hard, we would rather focus on the easy thing.

  • From quick prototyping RAD to production environments in hours

    Get started in minutes with a RAD prototype! With X, you can get from prototypes to production in hours, not weeks.

  • Batteries included, but swappable

    X provides everything you need to get started. We use a very composable architecture, so all the parts are swappable in case you need custom integrations.

  • Reuse where applicable, but accept some duplication

    Code reuse is great! But if applying DRY involves too many abstractions, we would rather accept some duplication. We value simplicity as a core design principle.

  • Long-term support (LTS) and careful upgrade paths

    We're committed to providing long-term support (LTS) options and providing a smooth upgrade path between versions. We want to be the rock-solid foundation that you can build on top of.

  • Promote best practices, but don't enforce certain style

    We like DDD, TDD, and more. If you don't, that's fine, we like choice. While we encourage following best practices and try to give recommendations, we don't enforce a certain style.

  • Runs anywhere

    We support the latest versions but we only require PHP 7.1+ for maximum compatibility to ensure X runs anywhere. From shared hosting to cloud-native!

  • Open and inclusive community

    Framework X is so much more than the sum of its parts. In particular, see our awesome community.


  • HTTP request response semantics

    Framework X is all about handling HTTP requests and sending back HTTP responses.

  • PHP runs everywhere

    We know, PHP has its quirks. But it also provides a unique opportunity with its huge ecosystem that allows you to run X literally anywhere.

  • shared-nothing execution (optional)

    We support PHP's default shared-nothing execution model when running with traditional stacks.

  • built-in web server (optional)

    If you're ready, get even more awesome features with its built-in web server.

  • Async PHP

    We're standing on the shoulders of giants. Thank you ReactPHP for providing an awesome foundation!